Who we are

MEDRIK DYNAMIC TECHNOLOGY is a contract Research and Development company in the biomedical engineering sector.

We are specialised in design, development and optimization of implantable medical devices.

We use numerical simulation, 3D/4D mathematical modelling, and the fluid and structural mechanics to design innovative and complex devices.

With our expertise we study the behaviour and the performance of the device as well as its impact on blood flow.

Our objective is to reduce the risks of implantation and to optimise the device.

Our company is housed within a biomedical innovation technology platform.

In order to meet regulatory requirements and to bring rigor, satisfaction and confidence to our customers and employees, Medrik is engaged in a process of ISO 13485 certification.

Our activity

Heart, vascular and lung diseases are serious health issues that affect many patients around the world.

The most reliable methods for serious cases are mainly limited to transplantation.  Unfortunately, the number of donor organs available is very low.

Existing devices have too many complications (mechanical failure, damage to red blood cells), especially if they are used over the long term.

Therefore, Medrik’s work aims to address the issues of the reliability of the location and the size of these implantable medical devices. 

Our Answer

Medrik models the functioning of living organs and analyses the mechanics of the fluids and the structures that make up a human or an animal organ.

Our simulations are performed to evaluate the relevance of the location and the dimensions of a device developed and implanted in a specific organ.

Our objective is to propose an innovative approach in order to boost and optimise existing biomedical technologies.

Our partners

CHU de Bordeaux:

We work in collaboration with the Bordeaux University Hospital due to our presence within the PTIB: Technological Platform for Biomedical Innovation.

University of Bordeaux:

We collaborate with the University in order to allow one of their students to participate in one of our customer R&D projects.

Virginia Tech:

We are currently working in collaboration with Virginia Tech on the development of a test bench.


Arts et métiers ParisTech:

Following the same principle as the University of Bordeaux, our partnership with Arts et Métiers ParisTech consists of sharing expertise under contract.


FrenchTech Bordeaux:

We are part of this French cluster that represents and supports the most promising innovative French start-ups.





Caduceum accompanies us in the application and installation of the quality programme necessary to obtain ISO 13 485 certification.



We use Ansys software daily to perform our simulations and CFDs. 

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