With our expertise, we help our customers to create a better life.


Offer an innovative approach with the aim of energizing and optimizing existing technologies to meet the
requirements and challenges of today’s medicine.
Together, with the help of our medical and commercial partners, we lead, guide and support you in your new
development projects, from the simple idea to the clinical application.


Thanks to our expertise and skills we can accompany our customers throughout the entire Research &
Development process, from idea to innovation.
Our services:
– Design and development (design of innovative implantable medical devices, cardiac monitoring software)
– Numerical simulation (3D / 4D simulation, image processing, articial intelligence, uid dynamics, mathematical
modelling, CFD)
– Manufacturing (Test bench, mechanical components, equipment assembly, prototypes)
– Tests (in vivo / in vitro test, test bench)


models the functioning of living organs and analyses the mechanics of the uids and the structures that make up a human or an animal organ.

are performed to evaluate the relevance of the location and the dimensions of a device developed and implanted in a specic organ.

is to propose an innovative approach in order to boost and optimise existing biomedical technologies.


Heart, vascular and lung diseases are serious health
issues that affect many patients around the world.
The most reliable methods for serious cases are mainly
limited to transplantation. Unfortunately, the number
of donor organs available is very low.
Existing devices have too many complications
(mechanical failure, damage to red blood cells),
especially if they are used over the long term.
Therefore, Medrik’s work aims to address the issues of
the reliability of the location and the size of these
implantable medical devices.